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As ransomware threats continue unabated, enterprises need to take a holistic, multi-tiered approach to defend themselves and their data without breaking the bank. The strategy needs to provide a centralized, scalable way to protect data, detect the signs of ransomware attempts, and recover any compromised data.

It’s hard to overstate the urgency of the ransomware issue as attacks continue to increase in frequency and bad actors become even more sophisticated in their tactics and delivery mechanisms. That is in no small part the result of ransomware as a service, which makes the expertise of the most sophisticated perpetrators available to all. Anyone with ill intentions need only pay a fee to a provider with the tools and expertise to implement an attack.

More perpetrators are also adopting a double extortion strategy, where they not only encrypt data and hold it for ransom but also exfiltrate it and threaten to post it publicly—thus applying additional pressure on victims to pay a ransom.

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